Hello everyone. Just as I promised presenting to you all the SECOND PART OF PHOBIAS RELETED TO SEX, ALSO KNOWN AS SEXOPHOBIAS.




Phobia of Vagina
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  • EUROTOPHOBIA is the opposite of Phallaphobia.
  • This is the fear or phobia of VAGINA.
  • Women with this phobia fear sexual stimulations.
  • Men suffering from this phobia fear coming in contact with a vagina or even seeing it.
  • Eurotophobia sounds to be an unusual type of fear, but it could prove a really serious one.
  • People suffering from this phobia usually try avoiding from women all the time.
  • EUROTOPHOBIC people usually find themselves uncomfortable around women.
  • This results in their entire romantic relationship.
  • This is not the fear of women but a prolonged effect of it can result in so.
  • It may also lead to people leading a homosexual lifestyle.
  •   Some of the general symptoms found in europhobics are :-

–Extreme anxiety while being near to any woman.

— Panic attacks when exposed to female genitals.

–Abnormal behavior when faced a woman due to extreme fear levels.

— Rapid heart rate and heavy breathing.

— Weakness, dizziness, numb hands, sweating, chest pain etc.



Phobia of beautiful women
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  • Who on earth would not want a beautiful women as their friend , sister or wife ?
  • I no this will sound funny but VENUSTRAPHOBIA is the phobia of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.
  • People suffering from this phobias usually get scared of women who according to them is very beautiful.
  • Beauty being subjective this phobia is found in both men and women.
  • They feel that the beautiful women can harm them or they themselves don’t deserve such women.
  • The severity of this Phobia can reach to people even fearing even to the thought of a beautiful women.
  • They might get severe panic attacks for this.
  • The scientific word for such a fear or phobia is Venustraphobia or Caligynephobia.
  • Venustraphobia combines two Greek words: Venus which is the Greek Goddess representative of women and phobos which means deep aversion or fear.
  • It is believed that phobias can also arise when one has had a negative experience with an object or circumstances.
  • For eg. If a man has been shamed publically by a woman or is been rejected by a women.
  • All of this is normal at the initial stage but later VENUSTRAPHOBIC people associate this with every beautiful woman they come across. They feel that every good looking woman will do the same to them.


Phobia of men
  • ANDROPHOBIA is the opposite of VENUSTRAPHOBIA .
  • This is the fear of men . It stretches not only to the fear of attractive men but the entire male gender.
  • These phobias can be triggered from no specific reason as such.
  • The base could be some bad past experience with a man.
  • These people then acknowledge all men the same and hence fear all of them.
  • These people experience anxiety even though they may realize they face no real threat.
  • “Androphobia” is derived from the Greek “andros” meaning man and “phobos” meaning fear.
  • The symptoms of androphobia may include:

— an ntense fear or anxiousness when the person sees or think about men.

–worsening anxiety when a man gets physically closer to you.

–avoidance of men or situations where you may come across men.

–trouble in carrying out your daily activities –physical reactions such as sweating,increase in heartbeat, trouble in breathing,etc.

— nausea, dizziness, or fainting when in close distance to men .



Phobia of Menstruation
  • Just as the name itself suggests, this is the fear of MENSTRUATION or MENSTRUAL BLOOD .
  • We all know menstruation is the monthly flow of blood through a women’s body .
  • This is very normal but some people find it abnormal resulting in MENOPHOBIA .
  • Now the question that arises is do men too face this fear?
  • YES both men and women may suffer through such phobias .
  • People which Menophobia look to MENSTRUATION as dirty and shabby .
  • Women suffering from this phobia experience anxiety throughout their periods and even fear looking at their own blood.
  • Men sufferin from Menophobia fear seeing menstural blood or even coming close to a female who is menstruating.
  • Females will suffer high anxiety not just because of the menstural blood but also because of the mood swings,cravings, cramps,backpains,headaches ,etc which are cuased by periods.



Phobia of being single forever
  • This fear is one of the most common fear among people .
  • This is the fear of staying single forever.
  • Having faced bad relationships in the past can lead to this fear in both men and women.
  • They fear that just like their last relationship they won’t ever be able to get a good relationship in future and hence will always stay single.



  • This is the fear of the opposite sex.
  • It is the fear of men scared of women and women scared of men .
  • This phobia has nothing to do with SEXUALITY.


Phobia of getting pregnant
The Migrane Institute
  • This may sound shocking but is true. Tocophobia is the fear of getting pregnant or giving birth to a child.
  • Women suffering from this phobia find it difficult to conceive as the fear restricts them and get in their way of a happy sex life.


I know a these might have made you too ask yourself if you fear any of these . Well thats really great if you have discovered what pleasures you and what scares you . If not then keep exploring more of yourself to know more about yourself. Still if think soemthig is lacking then talk to your partner or sexologist in case of any help you need.




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Thank you and great sex to you all !

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