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Most commonly asked questions about sex


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1. Most commonly asked question about Sex -DOES SEX LEAD TO LOSS OF MEMORY?

Most commonly asked questions about Sex- Sex may lead to temporary memory loss
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  • This is one of the most commonly asked question.The answer to this is that Sex does not lead to PERMANANT MEMORY LOSS .

  • It may lead to Hazy newer memories and blur memories of the last 24 hours.

  • This situation is known as TRANSIENT GLOBAL AMNESIA in which the patient suffers no side effects.

  • The memory problems also usually reverse themselves in the span of a few hours.

  • This situation happened with a 54-year-old woman who reached the emergency room at Georgetown University Hospital.

  • She was unable to remember experiences of the past 24 hours.

  • Her newer memories were hazy, too. One thing she did recall was that her amnesia had started right after having sex with her husband just an hour before.

  • Now there’s nothing to be scared because this is a rare situation.

  • It is seen in only about 3 to 5 people per 100,000 each year. So CHILL and HAPPY SEX.

2. Most commonly asked question about Sex – DO WE BLEED AFTER HAVING SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME?

Breaking of the HYMEN may lead to bleeding
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  • FOR WOMEN, Some will bleed after having Sex for the first while some won’t.

  • Both are ABSOLUTELY NORMAL so there is no need to worry.

  • Women possess HYMEN,which is a thin piece of skin partially covering the entrance to the vagina.

  • So, while having Sex for the first time the motion may lead to the breakage of the HYMEN leading to BLEEDING.

  • Having a broken hymen doesn’t necessarily mean a woman has lost her virginity.

  • The hymen can break even before a woman has sex for the first time.

  • The reasons include USING TAMPONS or sometimes due to sports activities.

  • A woman may not know that her hymen has broken, because it doesn’t always cause pain or noticeable bleeding.

  • FOR MEN, Usually there is no pain but if the process of Sex is painful then the reason could be INFECTION or ALLERGIC REACTION.

  • The best advice for men experiencing pain during Sexual activities would be to visit a GP (general practitioner) and check it out.

3. Most commonly asked question about Sex -DOES THE SIZE OF PENIS MATTER ?

Penis size doesn't matter
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  • Man has always placed great importance on the size of his penis which shouldn’t be considered of as an issue.

  • Many people associate penis size with masculinity and hence this is the most commonly asked question.

  • Throughout the ages, it has come to symbolise qualities such as fertility, strength, ability and courage too which is scientifically unworthy.

  • Men worry that their penis is smaller than it should be or that it won’t satisfy their lover.

  • Just as there exists different BOOBS size there exists PENIS OF DIFFERENT SIZES. This has no relation with your partner being unhappy or unsatisfied.

  • Some people think a lot about it leading to PENIS ANXIETY.

  • COUNSELLING has proven to be beneficial for men with penis anxiety.

  • Therapy helps patients identify and correct any distorted views about their penis.


  • Professor Wylie says: “Therapy allows these men to overcome their anxiety about meeting a potential partner, where before they wouldn’t even dare engage because of their fear.”


4. Most commonly asked question about Sex – IS HAVING SEX DURING PERIODS FINE?

Sex during Periods
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  • Having sex during periods could be a bit messy but is also more pleasurable than sex on normal days.

  • Just because you’re having your period doesn’t mean you have to let go sexual activity.

  • The need for lubrication lessens during your period, and having an orgasm can soothe period related symptoms, such as cramps and pains.

  • A study published in Cephalalgia concluded that sexual activity may reduce MIGRAINE and CLUSTER HEADACHE PAIN for some people.

  • No doubt sex during periods is Pleasureable but on the other hand you also should practice it with the set of SAFETY MEASURES.

  • It’s crucial to practice safe sex while you’re having your period because you could get or transmit an STI.

  • STI like HIV can be transmitted according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • These STI have a major harm to the body and hence it is important to answer these most commonly asked questions about sex.

  • The disease may transfer through menstrual blood and hence it is necessary to know about this most commonly asked question about sex.

  • Therefore, doctors strongly encourage using a CONDOM to decrease this risk.


5. Most commonly asked question about Sex -I HAD SEX BUT I DID NOT CUM. WHY SO?

Is it fine to not cum after having Sex?
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  • Though having an orgasm is a natural SYMBOL of the act of LOVEMAKING, it is not the only symbol of SEXUAL PLEASURE OR SATISFACTION.

  • Sexual Pleasure is a personal experience.

  • It should not be compared with or related to PLEASURE. TO NOT CUM after Sex is as Normal as TO CUM .

  • It is important to enjoy the process rather than worrying about anything else.

  • Desire, foreplay, arousal, intercourse and orgasm is an entire experience, and therefore it’s important to relax.

  • It is likely never to feel your way through the entire pleasure experience.

  • Feeling connected and emotionally close to your partner,having a loving and affectionate relationship creates the right ambience and arousal for lovemaking.

  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to clearly communicate what pleasures you and your partner.

  • Only if there is clear communication will you experience PLEASURE .

So here were some most commonly asked questions about sex. I hope I answered them in an efficient way.
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