A happy sex life is an important aspect of a person’s life. The defination of a happy sex life is subjective because our needs,expectations and wants are different from each other. It changes as we grow in age.Some people want sex daily, while some people are content never having sex in their lifetime.In today’s blog we shall answer the question which is asked by 4 out of 10 people. The question of “HOW TO SATISFY YOUR PARTNER IN BED”.

Satisfy your partner

Just as happiness and involvement is important in the process of sex so is satisfying each other. Many couples find it difficult to maintain a happy sex life because they don’t know how to satisfy their partner.

So let’s read and implement , “HOW TO SATISFY MY PARTNER IN BED?”



Explore his body

The stereotype of telling men to spend more time exploring parts of a woman’s body is to be changed with telling women too to explore their man’s body. Your man will love it if you explore other parts except the PENIS. He will love his other parts of the body being stimulated.Play with his nipples and sucking them.Blow on them for more stimulation.Roll your hand of his chest and abdomen. Squeeze him from the beind and caress his skin from the top to the toe. I know it might sound weired but men really enjoy women Licking and kissing their armpits. Touch him in such a way that it ignites a fire and enthusiasm in him.


Grab him from behind

Not only does grabbing his bottom give you more control of his thrusting pattern and speed, it will also feel great for him. By grabbing his behind the skin around the anus and below the penis gets pulled which stimulates the nerve endings there. Feeling his bottom will also give you an idea as to when he’s getting closer to orgasm because just before orgasm you will notice his muscles there, clenching.


Add moisture to the process

Whether you’re playing with his penis, giving him oral sex, or are practising penetrative sex , any kind of lubrication will make everything better.
For oral sex, try swirling an ice cube in and around your mouth before you go down. Remove it when your going down to him. This helps stimulate your own oral moisture. Because of ice the coldness and then the warmth of your mouth will help your man stimulate more.For penetrative sex, use a silicon based lubricant which will make it easier for him to penetrate you and will may a broader way for sensuous moves.


Express yourself to your partner

Express yourself during the process. Tell him that what he’s doing makes you feel immensely amazing. Indicate him about how you feel by using words such as “Wow,this feels amazing” or “Yes” or any words that makes you feel good. Tell him to go faster or slower or up or down in a voice that will rise his hormones to the max. This is because men love instructions specially in a loving a caressing voice. Communication will have them feel better and enjoy more. If you don’t feel like using words then moan to signal him that it is feeling great.


Focus on his head
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Focus on his head , not the one on top of his neck bt at the tip of his penis.
This is because that is the place where the maximum nerve endings are. And hence paying attention there will go helpful in a long way if you are giving him oral pleasure.
Use your hand on the shaft of his penis and your mouth on the head. Move your tounge round and around it to stimulate it completely.



Use your voice
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Talking to your girl about your pleasure while you’re having sex is important. Using words such as as “Do you like it?” or “Does that feel good?” will rise your girl up to the max. It not only enhances her experience but will also let you know what she loves you doing the most. Be as open as a book in showering compliments to her. While having sex compliment her breasts,her neck ,her lips ,her scent and everything you like about her. Also tell her the feel of her vagina on your penis. The more comfortable you make her feel while she is naked the more confident she will be. The more confident she feels the more open she will be with you in bed.


Avoid her genitals
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I know this sound pathetic but guys soemtimes too often zone into their girls genital regions. While each woman enjoys sex in a different way there are some things which are guaranteed to give the woman you’re in bed with a great sexual experience.
You may hear some women praising their man who fingers her clitoris with his tounge. But this won’t be the same for all. But exploring your girl’s body is what she will definately love. Kiss her ,lick her,touch her everywhere and make her feel comfortable and excited all together. After she is all aroused rub her clitoris and vulva for the best experience and satisfaction.


Include her

One of the main reasons women fail to reach orgasm during sex is because they feel guilty for taking too long and too much energy .So rather than getting an orgasm themselves they sometimes let you take the orgasm, and they themselves don’t climax at all. So make it easy for her and give her also the chance to enjoy it. Tell her it is her night and you will do everything to make her happy and make her orgasm. Relax her physically and mentally first and then explore her body and in finding what she loves the most . Once she is all aroused and relaxed she will reach orgasm.



Try the handy position

Some women find it difficult to orgasm during penetrative sex and hence you can use your hand instead.When you’re on top of her slide your hand down in between you and angle yourself to one side and rub her clitoris as you thrust. As the clitoris is above the vaginal opening it sometimes doesn’t get stimulated during penetration and your hand can help in fixing that problem. This is a great way for orgasm and a truely amazing experience too.


Use lubrications
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It dosent matter if you have dryness problems or not , using a lubrication is always recommended. This is because lubrication increased the fun of sex.
Silicone-based lubricants are the best because it makes everything feel more sensuous and great.

So here were the tips to satisfy your partner on bed . All these tips will definately work no doubt , but only when you and your partner are ready for it. I SAID IT BEFORE SND ILL ALWAYS SAY IT, SEX WITHOUT CONSENT IS RAPE. So do enjoy your Sex Life but with consent and comfortness. Never force or pressurise your partner.

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Thank you and GREAT SEX TO YOU ALL.

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